Green re-opens from June 1st

Following the Scottish Government’s announcement on 21 May, confirmed by the First Minister on 28 May, the Committee is delighted to announce that Gullane Bowling Club will reopen the green from 1st June 2020.

National guidelines have been set by the Scottish Government and Bowls Scotland and certain conditions and restrictions will need to be strictly enforced. The Committee has considered carefully this advice together with the specific arrangements we need to apply for our Club and its facilities. Our overriding principles in drawing these up reflect our view that members are familiar with lockdown, self distancing arrangements, vulnerable shielding and the lockdown exit arrangements. We believe you can make your own judgement and are confident you will act responsibly with regard to your own and others safety and wellbeing to avoid any spread of Covid 19.

We will be introducing a telephone booking system with one hour slots available between 9 am and 7.30 pm, 7 days per week.  There will be 3 rinks in use and a maximum of 4 players are allowed on each rink.  Players can play individually, with members of their own household or between members of two households where social distancing can be maintained.  We require the names of all who will use the rink as this information may be required to assist in contact tracing.  Only club members are allowed, no visitors can attend at this time.

The following conditions will now apply until further notice:

  1. The Clubhouse (including toilets) must remain closed for the foreseeable future.
  2. You will need your own bowls to play – GBC bowls cannot be used for public health reasons.  If you have bowls etc in your locker and you wish to play under the new conditions, committee members will be available at the following times for you to collect : this Friday 1-2 pm, this Saturday and Sunday 2-4 pm.
  3. The mats and jacks will be laid out at the beginning of the day and stored at the end of the day by committee members with disinfection taking place daily.  Members must move the mat/jack only if necessary and then only using their shoes, no hand contact.
  4. Social distancing arrangements will apply and you should bring you own hand sanitiser.
  5. No general spectating can take place and the benches are not in use, however spectators can attend in special circumstances such as if they are a carer or accompanying under 16’s – please discuss when booking. 
  6. Members who have COVID-19 symptoms or if anyone in their household that displays symptoms, those players should stay at home and follow NHS guidance. 
  7. Players 70 and over can play but should follow Scottish Government Guidelines to make their own decision about returning to the green.
  8. Players should go through the clubs booking system and not just turn up to the green to play.
  9. Players should only play individually, with members of their own household or between members of two households where social distancing can be maintained.
  10. Players should not attempt to enter the club house as these facilities will remain closed. 
  11. Players travelling to bowling greens should do so in line with the Scottish Government guidelines – the updated regulations state that a ‘drive of broadly five miles is considered to be local’ (and so) the travel advice is for an individual to apply good judgement and not for the bowling club to determine or police. It is advised that travel is made by walk, wheel and cycle where possible.

During play please note the following rules:

  1. A maximum of 4 people (1 Pairs Game) can play together.
  2. The 2m social distancing rule must always be observed on and off the green.
  3. Bowls equipment cannot be shared between players (e.g. cloths, measures etc).
  4. Players should always practice safe hygiene.
  5. Players should not pick up any other players bowl. 
  6. Players should not moisten their hands with saliva before delivery.
  7. Players should not shake hands, high-five or have any physical contact with other players.
  8. After play, players must leave the premises immediately after conclusion of play, making sure they have sanitised their hands.

The Committee look forward to welcoming you back, albeit in very different conditions. We hope everyone will adhere to these guidelines for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. We hope you too that you will enjoy playing within the required restrictions but it also goes without saying that should any member fail to do so, the Committee will take whatever action necessary.

Members have been emailed the new booking line telephone number and the specific time slots available and with good weather forecast we hope you can look forward to some outdoor exercise on the green.

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